Whole vs. Processed Foods

March 8, 2011

Today a friend asked me to explain the difference between whole foods and processed foods. Thank you Sue — I hope this helps.

A Whole Food is:
• A food that has nothing added to it or taken from it
• A food in the form in which nature intended it to be
• The best foods do not have ingredients lists because nothing has been added
• Whole foods are “live” foods

Processed Food is:
• A food that has been altered from the form it is found in nature.
• The more processed the food, the worse it is for your health
• Processed food is addictive
• Processed foods have catchy names, fancy packaging and colorful marketing campaigns
• Processed foods are patented
• Processed food is “dead” and lacking in nutrients

Here are a few examples of whole foods vs. processed foods.

Whole Food: Apple, brown rice, orange, tomato, corn, potato, cucumber, strawberries

Processed Food: Apple, pie, white rice, Sunny Delight, catsup, totrilla chips, fries, pickles, Capri Sun Strawberry & Kiwi Juice

Here is the ingredient list from the Kraft website for Capri Sun Juice Drink Strawberry Kiwi Blend: WATER, SUGAR, APPLE AND STRAWBERRY JUICE CONCENTRATES, CITRIC ACID, NATURAL FLAVOR, VITAMIN E ACETATE.
Question: Where is the Kiwi?

I hope this information is of help in how to tell the difference between whole and processed foods.
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Have a wonderful day. Dr. Wendy


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