Sugar in hidden in our foods

March 26, 2011

   When you go shopping for food, I would suggest that you read all the labels all the time.  Quite often there will be words  you don’t understand.    “If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it”    Here is a list of hidden sugars that could be in your food.                                            

 Hidden Sugars in Food

Amasake Glucitol Microcrystalline cellulose
Apple sugar Glucoamine Molasses
Barbados sugar Gluconolactone Monoglycerides
Bark sugar Glucose Monosaccarides
Barley malt Glucose polymers Nectars
Barley malt syrup Glucose syrup Neotame
Beet sugar Glycerides Pentose
Brown rice syrup Glycerine Polydextrose
Brown sugar Glycerol Polyglycerides
Cane juice Glycol Powdered sugar
Cane sugar Hexitol Raisin juice
Caramelized foods High-fructose corn syrup Raisin syrup
Carbitol Honey Raw sugar
Carmel coloring Inversol Ribose rice syrup
Carmel sugars Invert sugar Rice malt
Concentrated fruit juice Isomalt Rice sugar
Corn sweetener Karo syrups Rice sweeteners
Corn syrup Lactose Rice syrup solids
Date sugar Levulose Saccharides
Dextrin “Light” sugar Sorbitol
Dextrose “Lite” sugar Sorghum
Diglycerides Malitol Sucanat
Disaccharides Malt dextrin Sucanet
D-tagalose Malted barley Sucrose
Evaporated cane juice Maltodextrins Sugar cane
Evaporated cane juice Maltodextrose Trisaccharides
Florida crystals Maltose Turbinado sugar
Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) Malts Unrefined sugar
Fructose Mannitol White sugar
Fruit juice concentrate Mannose Xylitol
Galactose Maple syrup Zylose

One Response to “Sugar in hidden in our foods”

  1. Deb K said

    Very good info to know. Thanks, Deb

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