March 28, 2011

I am constantly voicing the virtues of plain yogurt and how wonderful a food it is. I, myself, eat it almost daily. Clients tell me time and time again that they just can’t get beyond the bitter, sour flavor and strange texture. I am confused as I think it is such a wonderful food. Well now, I think I know why the disconnect. Last week I was traveling and stopped to get a single serve container of plain yogurt for my breakfast. I could not find the usual type of yogurt that I purchase at home so I gave in and bought low-fat plain yogurt. Imagine my surprise when I tasted the first spoonful. Wow ! Now, I understand people’s hesitation to eat plain yogurt. It was bitter, sour and had a terrible texture. It was not at all creamy – it had the texture of paste. No wonder people don’t like it. I need to put the emphasis on the fact that what I have been promoting is whole milk yogurt. I prefer the whole milk yogurt made with non-homogenized milk so that the cream floats to the top and you need to stir it back in – what a delicious treat. But, back to regular whole milk yogurt since it is easier to locate in major grocery stores. It is an extremely healthful food full of great probiotics, calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals. The milk fat gives the yogurt a non-sour – almost sweet taste. And it is so smooth and creamy. It feels like silk on your tongue. Low-fat and no-fat yogurts are sour and the only way they sell is to fill them full of added sugars with a bit of fruit, fruit flavoring and color. The food manufacturers still cannot perfect the creamy texture of the whole milk version. If you find it a bit sour for your taste, go ahead and add a bit of raw honey, pure maple syrup, jam (without high fructose corn syrup) or fresh fruit. Even a bit of cinnamon can help you get used to the not as sweet as Yoplain, Dannon, Country Fresh, etc. fruit flavored yogurts. Please try it. Your taste buds will slowly adjust to the less sweet taste of real yogurt. And, your body will love the nutrients.


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