Safe treatment for seasonal allergies

May 31, 2011

I recently read an article claiming that consuming 1 teaspoon of local raw honey per day will help to alleviate seasonal allergies.  

Many allergy sufferers believe that locally produced raw honey can alleviate symptoms. The idea is that bees become covered in pollen spores when they go from one flower to the next. The spores are then transferred to their honey. It is thought that eating that honey, even just a spoonful a day, can build immunity through gradually exposure.

A new study assessed the effects of the pre-seasonal use of birch pollen honey or regular honey on symptoms and medication during birch pollen season.  A total of 44 patients with diagnosed birch pollen allergy consumed either the birch pollen honey or regular honey daily from November to March. The control group consisted of 17 patients who used only their usual allergy medication to control symptoms. The study found that, during birch pollen season, compared to the control group, the patients using honey experienced:

  • 60 percent reduction in symptoms
  • Twice as many asymptomatic days
  • 70 percent fewer days with severe symptoms
  • 50 percent decrease in usage of antihistamines

The theory itself actually appears quite sound. The idea is that locally produced honey, which will contain pollen spores picked up by the bees from local plants, can act much in the same way as a natural type of vaccine. By introducing a small amount of allergen into your body, your immune system is activated and over time can build up your natural immunity against it.

Why should the honey be locally produced?  Because your allergies are activated through exposure to pollens present in your local area. Different states have wildly varying types of plants, grasses and other foliage, each of which can cause allergic reactions in different people.

The typical recommendation is to take about a teaspoon-full of locally produced honey per day, starting a few months PRIOR to the pollen season, to allow your system to build up immunity.

DO NOT give honey to infants less than 1 year old

Personally, I have not tried this method because I do not suffer from seasonal allergies.  I am interested in working with allergy sufferers to see if this food based, non drug allergy treatment will work on a consistent basis.   Please contact me if you would like to try this raw, local honey method.  231-348-0838 or


For more nutrition and health information, contact Dr. Wendy at 231-348-0838 or   Dr. Wendy is available for individual appointments, phone appointments, group sessions, nutritional speaking engagements and is now offering a Corporate Wellness Program and a Stop Smoking Program (Smoke Free for Life©).     



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